The Beautiful Lengths Fund expands: from wig to trendy chemo hat

Since the start of the Beautiful Length Fund in 2008, we have already helped many survivors who are struggling financially to buy a good-quality wig. Today, we are expanding our campaign with fashionable chemo headwear. Thanks to our collaboration with Love Charlie, in addition to a beautiful wig, survivors can now also choose a trendy piece of headwear.

Think Pink X Love Charlie

Since its inception, the Beautiful Length Fund has been helping women and men buy a wig. However, recently, we started receiving more and more questions about trendy headwear such as hats and scarves. Because we want to be there for all survivors, we decided to expand the range and offer the choice between a nice wig and a fashionable chemo hat.

For the trendy hats we are now working together with Love Charlie. Founder Céline Laridon was affected by breast cancer herself in 2018 and found nothing among the available chemo hats that reflected her personality. She converted her experience as a buyer at a Belgian fashion company into her first collection of fashion must haves and Love Charlie was born.

The Classic Charlie Velvet comes in three different colours: light blue, pink and rust. The Classic Charlie Velvet is available via the traditional Beautiful Length Fund route. This is the collaboration between Think Pink and the breast clinics in our country. In that case, a survivors contacts the social services of the breast clinic, which then guides them through the further process to intervene when purchasing a hat or wig. Are you not a survivor, but do you still want a trendy hat from Love Charlie? That is also possible. They are for sale on our webshop.

The 12th birthday of our Beautiful Lengths Fund

In 2008, we launched the Beautiful Lengths Campaign. Most people are not alarmed at the sight of a bald man. Although hair loss in men can also be serious, it is slightly more sensitive in women. 60 % of women who have to undergo chemotherapy because of breast cancer think the hair loss is the worst aspect. 8 % would even refuse chemotherapy for this.

To give survivors back their 'old me', we started collecting ponytails. Over the years, we followed the trend towards long cuts, resulting in a minimum length of 30 cm for the tails (compared to 20 cm in the beginning). With the expansion of the range with stylish hats, we, once more, want to keep up with the latest trends.

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