Beautiful Lengths Fund

A lot of breast cancer patients lose their hair during the treatment and need a wig. Thanks to the Give to her Fund, Think Pink can assist women that have financial difficulties because of the disease. With the cooperation of the social services of the hospitals, we are able to help these women financially with the purchase of their wig. A lovely gesture during de hardest battle of their lives.

Cut your ponytail

Women (and men) are called on to cut their ponytail. Those are sold and used to make wigs. With the profit and support through a few events, the Give to her Fund can permanently refund wigs.

Since the take-off of the action in 2008 more than 5300 women were helped financially.

Donate your hair

It is possible to donate your ponytail (with a minimum length of 30 cm) throughout the year. You can request a special envelope on the website in which you can send your ponytail for free. Or pass by one of the many hairdressers that participate: they offer you your new haircut for free.