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Through our website, folders, press releases, activities, events and targeted actions during the year, we ask for more attention to breast cancer and the importance of screening mammograms. 

We inform, raise awareness, support scientific research and raise money for care and after-care projects.

A lot of breast cancer patients lose their hair during the treatment and need a wig. Thanks to the Beautifull Lengths Fund, Think-Pink can assist women that have financial difficulties because of the disease. With the cooperation of the social services of the hospitals, we are able to help these women financially with the purchase of their wig. A lovely gesture during de hardest battle of their lives.

Samsung Mobile was there from the cradle of the breast cancer campaign Think-Pink in Belgium. Since the take-off, Samsung donated more than € 500.000, thanks to which many women were helped. But the battle isn’t over, the work isn’t done. That’s why Samsung and NPO Think-Pink come together once more on the principle of Share your Care.

Belgium is world champion in breast cancer. However, it is still difficult for local researchers who set up innovative scientific projects regarding breast cancer to obtain the necessary financial means. The search for new methods regarding screening, treatment and follow-up care occur at small and medium scale.