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Chimay Walk

 08/09/2018 - 08/09/2018

A sporting challenge of 11 or 22 km.
Registration : FREE
Fundraising : min. 100 euros
Chimay, in the "La Botte du Hainaut"

40 Participants

€ 5012 Collected


A distance of 11 or 22 km walk, a sporting challenge through the beautiful surroundings of Chimay in “La Botte du Hainaut ». The challenge is 90% off-road. Check-point are foreseen during the journey. Departure and arrival in Chimay.


Saturday 8 September 2018

* 09.15 – 11.00 Collect of race numbers 11km and 22 km (Think-Pink race headquarters)
* 9.00 – 11.00: Free departure of 11 and 22 km WALK

How to participate?

You can participate individually or in a group. Groups are formed from 2 people, with no limit of people per group. Team members can stay together, with no obligation. You can try to finish this sporting challenge together!

This year, it is possible to participate in the " Chimay Walk" and support, at the same time, Think-Pink in the fight against breast cancer.

To make this happen you can register via our website. You do not have to pay a registration fee to participate at the event, we take care for you about everything. In return, you agree, as a participant, to collect at least 100 €. The funds will be paid directly to the SMART Fund. Through this Fund, Think-Pink supports scientific research in screening, treatment and post-breast cancer care. You will receive a personal page on our website, lots of tips and you can also order Think-Pink gadgets to sell and collect funds. You will also receive some cool pink accessories. The same day, you will be pampered in our stand !

Included in the price

* 100% unique and signposted route in the Ardennes
* Cloakrooms and showers
* Check-point sites during the journey (each 10km) and at the arrival
* Unique coolmax T-shirt free for all participants raising funds for Think-Pink (T-shirt man and/or T-shirt women)
* Opportunity to buy an unique coolmax T-shirt « Chimay Walk » at €10 ( T-shirt man and/or T-shirt women)
* Medical assistance at the check-point station 2 and at the arrival.

-> Insurance not included in the price.

If you would like more information, please send an e-mail to

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Annick & Els
2 team members
€ 340
De Vieukes
4 team members
€ 700
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€ 260
Gîtes de Wallonie
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€ 856
Ladies in Pink
2 team members
€ 65
Les copines de Hannah
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€ 555
Never give up !
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Pink Shooting Stars
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€ 100
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€ 500


Kimberly Beelen
€ 135
Pink Shooting Stars
€ 100
€ 20
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Kim Vandewijer
Voor mijn overleden mama, strijdende zus en alle lotgenoten!
€ 100