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Race for the Cure Namur 2018

 30/09/2018 - 30/09/2018

6-km run or 3-km walk

Group registration (min. 10 pers.): €10/ pers.
Single registration: €12
On the d-day registration: €15
Free for children under 10 years old

Register now or register as a Team Captain !

3669 Participants

Online registrations closed. You can only register on Saturday or Sunday at the event!

What is it?

The Race for the Cure is the world's largest event for the fight against breast cancer. This sporting event was born in 1983 in Dallas and was created by the largest US campaign against breast cancer Susan G. Komen. Today, one and a half million people participate in the Race for the Cure every year in more than 100 cities in ten countries!

The Race for the Cure is mostly a walk (3 km) and a run (6 km). Beside that, a big village is also set up. There are also a lot of animations and intense emotions. During this day in Antwerp, Brussels and Namur, the survivors celebrate life. Everyone shows their solidarity with the survivors and we commemorate those who have unfortunately left us.


9.00: Pick-up of t-shirts or registration of the day
10.00: Zumba
10.15: Warm-up
10.30: Kids' Run 800 m (for children up to 10 years old)
11.00: Start of the 6-km Run (after the arrival of the Kids’ Run)
11.30: Start of the 3-km Walk
12.00: Drink & tapas

Location : l'Arsenal de Namur, 5000 Namur

Become a Team Captain

Motivate your friends, your family, your colleagues to participate together! Register today as Team Captain and create a team of at least 10 people.
Each team member chooses whether he/she walks or runs. Children can also be added to your team (for free).

Why register as a team?

• You only pay €10 per person.
• Your T-shirts are prepared in 1 package at the registration stand, ready to be removed by the Team Captain.
• For teams of min. 50 people, a tent will be provided to gather your team, distribute T-shirts ...
• You can withdraw your tapas in advance
• The biggest team wins a prize!

How to do it?

1. Register by clicking on the button to your right "Create a team".
2. Choose a catchy team name and fill in your personal details.
3. Team members can register themselves with the teamcode, by clicking the "Join a team" button. Of course, you can also register them via the "+" on your group's page. Do not worry: you can easily view the preview and download the list of participants at any time.

Group registrations will be closed on September 19.

Logo on your Race for the Cure shirts

For teams with at least 50 team members we offer the possibility to add your logo to your T-shirts. Please note that this is not possible for Kids’ Run T-shirts.
The DEADLINE to send us your logo is 6 September 2018. Please send an e-mail to containing:
• Your logo in vectorial format (.ai)
• Your team name and a COMPLETE list of your team members. Your team will be closed automatically on 6 September 2018.
• Print:
o ONE COLOUR: € 2,36 p.p. (21 % VAT excluded)
o FULL COLOUR: € 4,86 p.p. (21% TVA excluded)
• Delivery: you have 2 options
o To an address of your choosing:
ONE COLOUR: € 13 (21 % VAT excluded) extra transportation costs for less than 100 T-shirts/free of charge from 100 T-shirts on
FULL COLOUR: € 13 (21 % VAT excluded) extra transportation costs for less than 75 T-shirts/free of charge from 75 T-shirts on
o To the event itself on 30 September

Individual registration

Register individually online for €12 and enjoy a fantastic day. Children up to 10 years old can participate for free. That's why it is important to give their dates of birth when registering online.

Pre-registrations will be closed on September 26. If you still want to register after this date, you can only do it on the D-day (€15 per person).

Kids' Run

Do you have a child running everywhere? Then we have the perfect race challenge for your little one!

Any child between the ages of 6 and 10 can participate for free in the Kids' Run at the Race for the Cure.
Children enrolled in the Kids' Run will be able to go to Kids' Corner to pick up a Kids' Run 2018 t-shirt.

The start of the Kids' Run will be given at 10:30.
The course is 800 m long and a goodiebag for every child will be offered at the arrival.

Do not forget to register your little hero online (free). Enter the date of birth and select "Kids Run".


That day, the survivors - people who have or who had breast cancer - and people surrounding them and sympathizers celebrate life. Everyone shows that you are not alone. It's also a good time to meet other survivors. In addition, you will be spoiled in our VIP area!

Practical information

A Race for the Cure t-shirt is included in the participation, so it's important to give the right size when you register. As a survivor, you will receive (if you wish) a pink t-shirt. All other participants will receive a white t-shirt, except Team Captains who will get a turquoise t-shirt. The size you indicate when you register individually is purely informative. The sooner you pick up your t-shirt, the luckier you will be to receive the chosen size still available.

Dogs are also welcomed at the Race! Registration is not necessary.

For security reasons, we do not have lockers. So avoid backpacks during the Race.

Do you still have questions? Check out all the frequently asked questions via the button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Help as a volunteer

In 2017, we welcomed more than 5,000 participants at the Race for the Cure Namur. This year, we want to do even better!
This can only be done thanks to many volunteers. Would you like to be a volunteer on Saturday, September 29 and/or Sunday, September 30? You can help at the bar, the shop, the (dis)assembling, the tent of the victorious, the inscriptions, etc. We are looking for the perfect task for you!

Sign up as a volunteer by clicking on the button on the right of this page and live an unforgettable day with a fun and funny team! :)

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Des supporters de la Vita e Bella 2
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Benoît Gérard
Qq amis qui n'ont pu participer ont voulu soutenir la cause en souvenir de Dominique!
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