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CD Jo Lemaire

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Jo Lemaire brengt samen met Think-Pink een nieuw nummer op de markt die vrouwen moet sensibiliseren om zich tijdig te laten controleren op borstkanker. Het nummer “Seize the day” brengt het verhaal van de dagelijkse strijd die vrouwen leveren die te kampen krijgen met borstkanker.

seize the day

You have good days and bad days
It comes and goes in waves you say
You try to be the strongest one
And look around, you’re not alone

Your body is a battlefield
Your spirit is in pain
Your scar is not a shield
Don’t keep the world away

The wound is deep
The healing’s long
Face your demons
Come along

Come along
Seize the day
Join your sisters
Pave the way
Come along
Seize the day
Life is precious
The sun will shine
For you and me
‘cause we are partners in adversity
In the burning sun or in the pouring rain
We take the streets again
Hold on me, hold on tight
Togegher, side by side
Fight with me, lean on me
If you feel insecure
Walk with me, run with me
Join the race for the cure
Women on a mission
In the thick of the fight
Women on a mission

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