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Prof. José Russo

rhCG effects on molecular profiles

For over 40 years The Irma H. Russo, MD, Breast Cancer Research Laboratory has been devoted to breast cancer research. During that time we have been able to develop several projects which, at the present time, are consolidated into ten major areas of research which encompass our programmatic view of how to study this complex disease. The ten areas consist of:

  • Breast Cancer and environmental factors; 
  • Genomic Basis of Reproductive History in Breast Cancer;
  • Breast Cancer Therapy by Differentiation Gene Activation;
  • Estrogens and Breast Cancer;
  • Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Prevention;
  • Epigenetic Control of Estrogen Induced Cell Transformation;
  • Prevention Trial in the use of r-hCG in Women of High Risk of Developing Breast Cancer;
  • Circadian Rhythm and Mammary Gland Development;
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center Breast Cancer Tissue Resources;
  • Chromatin Remodeling in Breast Cancer;
  • Chromatin Remodeling as a Preventive Strategy in Breast Cancer
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