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Medical advisory board

To provide accurate information on breast cancer and answers to your concrete questions, we can rely upon our medical advisory board. All members participate voluntarily, without any financial compensation.

Alain Bols M.D.

AZ Sint-Jan
coordinator Oncological Programme
head of department medical oncology

Marleen Borms M.D.

AZ Groeninge
medical oncologist

Nathalie Cardinaels

Jessa Ziekenhuis
clinical psychologist and behaviourist
trainer in mindfulness and heartfulness

Eveline De Cuypere M.D.

AZ Sint-Jan
medical oncologist

prof. Wilfried De Neve

UZ Gent

Philippe De Paepe M.D.

president School De Vodder
secretary-general manual lymphatic drainage ad Modum Vodder MLDV

Sofie De Vuysere M.D.

Imelda hospital Bonheiden

Femke Delporte M.D.

AZ Sint-Lucas
breast surgery and oncoplastic surgery

prof. Herman Depypere M.D.

UZ Gent
head of breast and menopause clinic

Hilde Goris M.D.

AZ Sint-Lucas

Kristel Mulders

UZ Leuven
sex therapist Multidisciplinary Breast Centre

prof. Patrick Neven

UZ Leuven
staff member Multidisciplinary Breast Centre

Kristien Philippe

UZ Leuven
genetic counsellor

prof. Bruce Poppe M.D.

UZ Gent
head of department Medical Genetics Centre

Heidi Roelstraete M.D.

OLV Aalst
coordinator OLV breast clinic

Rudy Van den Broecke

UZ Gent
head of department gynaecology – mastology

Philippe Van Trappen M.D.

AZ Sint-Jan
head of department gynaecology
gynaecological oncology

Marc Vandevoort M.D.

UZ Leuven, OLV Aalst and AZ Delta
plastic surgeon