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Walk for Think Pink Camino Spiritual 2020

 01/10/2020 - 08/10/2020

Walk the century old pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela.
We offer a unique guided walking tour in collaboration with Go Camino.

Registration fee: € 1,050
Fundraising: min. € 500

6 Participants

€ 735 Collected

Take the Camino Challenge!

Are you dreaming of one of the world’s oldest challenges while combining it with supporting the fight against breast cancer? Join Think Pink in the Camino spiritual, a 6-day hike from Pontevedra (ES) to Santiago de Compostela.

Camino Coach Elvira will guide you on your first steps to Santiago de Compostela. You will walk the quiet pilgrim paths passing the beautiful fishing villages, vineyards and monasteries of Galicia. You will be walking through nature. No need for you to worry about the fitness level. Everyone who has a good basic physical condition can participate. We take into consideration the possibilities of each of the individual participants.

Register today!

Registration fee for Bike for Think Pink Camino is € 1,050. In addition, you commit yourself to raise funds of minimum € 500 that will go to the SMART Fund that finances innovative and specific breast cancer research.

How to register:

1. Register as an individual or team by clicking on the buttons on the right. You will receive a welcome e-mail.
2. After the registration is processed, you will receive a mail with the link for final registration on the GO CAMINO website.
3. Your action page will help you to raise your funds

What is included?

Registration fee of € 1,050 includes:

• Think Pink welcome package / pilgrim kit: pilgrim passport, Think Pink-scallop, Camino sweater, Camino shirt and Camino backpack cover.
• Transport of 1 piece of luggage (15kg) during the hike
• Lodging/accommodation (7 nights)
• Catering: breakfast and lunch
• Professional guidance: daily briefing during evening meal
• Daily yoga sessions in spiritual places
• Boat tour
• Transfers during the trip to the hotel
• Guidance starting from Brussels

Not included in the fee:
• Travel insurance
• Transport/plane tickets*
*How to travel to Pontevedra in Spain:
Porto airport in Portugal is well connected by different budget airlines. From Porto airport there is usually a direct bus stopping in Pontevedra (Alsa or Autna) approximate 2.5 hours (note that there is a one hour time difference from Portugal into Spain) or with a quick stopover in Vigo bus station. Please refer to us for any travel related information. Departure from Santiago to Brussels/Amsterdam is possible with Vueling.

Programme Camino Spiritual

• Day 1: Pontevedra
In Pontevedra, a delightful medieval town, you will get your pilgrim passport stamped from the “Santuario da Peregrina, the Pilgrim Virgin, patroness and symbol of the city. We finish our day at Plaza de Leña, the most beautiful square of the town.

• Day 2: Pontevedra – Poio (8.2 km) – 98m climb | 81m descent
You will leave Pontevedra via a bridge, symbolicaly decorated with scallops. You will hike through vineyards, the famous Albariño wineregion, and see lemons, oranges and figs hanging from the trees. You will enjoy the rich perfume coming from the eucalyptus trees.
We will sleep in the village of Poio, in a former monastery that has a charming patio, a chapel and even a museum.

• Day 3: Poio – Armenteira (13.2 km) – 380m climb | 101m descent
From Poio we continue to Combarro, one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Galicia. The place is known for the “horréos” (grain storages) along the coast line in the old village centre and for the many small vineyards in between the houses on the border of the village. Walking via wooded trails, we arrive in the village of Armenteira, known for its Cistersian monastery, left by the monks in 1835, turned into ruins and now completely restored.

• Day 4: Armenteira – Pontearnelas (12.9 km) – 0m climb | 237m descent
We walk along the wonderful river for 5 km, the “Ruta de la piedra y del agua”, passing several streams and old water mills, enjoying the peace and quiet of this morning walk that takes us further alongside the river Umia.

• Day 5: Pontearnelas – Vilanova de Arousa (11.7 km) - 129m climb | 115m descent
Through vineyards and eucalyptus woods, we arrive in the fishing village Vilanova de Arousa where we will spend the night. The village is also the birthplace of the famous Spanish writer Ramón Maria del Valle-Inclán y de la Peña. You have the opportunity to visit the museum dedicated to him and enjoy the specialities of the Galician cuisine.

• Day 6 : Vilanova de Arousa – A Picaraña (12 km) – 101m climb | 61m descent
On the 5th day we give our feet a rest and make a boat trip (90 min, included in the price) via the only maritime “Via Crucis” in the world where we can admire 17 centennial cruceros and sometimes spot dolphins. From there we walk a few kilometres to Padrón, following the same route as the remains of St James on his journey to Compostela.
In Padrón we will visit the Iglesia de Santiago. According to the legend, ik this church you can find the pole where the rope who brought the remains of the apostle Santiago was tied. After lunch we continue to Picarana. Tip: try the famous peppers from Padrón for dinner.

• Dag 7: A Picaraña – Santiago de Compostela (14 km) – 227m climb | 73m descent
On the last day we take the time for our arrival in Santiago. De Camino is officially closed by touching or embracing the statue of St James. We will see the ritual of the Botafumiero, the swinging of the biggest giant incense burner in the world. We finish the evening with a last communal meal. You will spend the night in a wonderfully renovated monastery facing the Santiago de Compostela cathedral.
You can finish your trip by visiting the Pilgrim museum or doing a rooftop tour of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Have a stroll in the narrow streets of Santiago and try some of the Santiago cake or enjoy the Galician cuisine.

Number of nights: 7
Total route: 78 km
October 1st, 2020: arrival in Pontevedra
October 8th, 2020: departure from Santiago
Fitness level: anyone with a good basic condition can participate

Do not hesitate and register now!

Maximum number of participants: 40

Santiago de Compostela - Camino

The Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela has been an attraction with pilgrims since the Middle Ages. The pilgrimage route, better known under the Spanish name Camino’, is one of the world’s oldest challenges. Millions of people have been following these historical routes from all over Europe to go to Santiago de Compostela.
Today the Camino has never been more popular. The world-renowned route encourages people to surpass themselves and witness a unique experience no matter what age or background. Every year more and more people reach the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, each one of them carrying their personal story and motivation.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our Camino Coach Elvira on or +32 485 730 775

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