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Bike for Think Pink Camino

 16/05/2020 - 23/05/2020

Looking for a challenge?
Cycle the full Camino de Santiago starting from Belgium in 3 years!

7-day cycle event, 100 km per day
Overnight stay in group accommodations
Fundraising: min. € 1,000
Registration fee: € 625
Women only!
Max. 50 participants

33 Participants

€ 7987,52 Collected


The bicycle tour from Belgium to Santiago de Compostela is about 2,000 km. With Think Pink, you can make the journey in 3 stages, spread over 3 years.
Every year we cycle for 7 days, covering 700 km per stage. We take off where we stopped the year before.

The Bike for Think Pink Camino 2020 means 700 km of cycling fun per edition exclusively for women.
During this first edition, you will cycle with your own bike at your own pace. Follow the cycle routes that have been beautifully marked out and enjoy a wonderful time spent in good company. Everything is taken care of for you, from breakfast in the morning to animation in the evening, so you can spend 7 days you will never forget!


Registration fee for Bike for Think Pink Camino is € 625. In addition, you commit yourself to raise funds of minimum € 1,000 that will go to the SMART Fund for breast cancer research.
During the 7-day event you will get in exchange:
• Think Pink Bioracer cycling jersey
• Practical cycling guide
• Training schedule
• Sports massage
• Bike repair
• Food and drink supply
• Accommodation
• Catering
• Relaxing activities after the biking trips
• Bus transport return journey

Thanks to the support of our main partners, temporary partners and volunteers, all funds can entirely go to the SMART Fund that finances scientific research into breast cancer.


Each stage is organised during the week including Ascension weekend.
The first edition of Bike for Think Pink Camino will be held from Saturday 16th to Saturday 23rd of May, 2020.
On Saturday May 16th we will leave from Flanders’s cycling city Oudenaarde.


You will sleep in seven different places. Think Pink will take care of your luggage so that you don’t have to carry it on your bike.

Santiago de Compostela Camino

The Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela has been an attraction with pilgrims since the Middle Ages. The pilgrimage route, better known under the Spanish name Camino’, is one of the world’s oldest challenges. Millions of people have been following these historical routes from all over Europe to go to Santiago de Compostela. Today the Camino has never been more popular. The world renowned route encourages people to surpass themselves and witness a unique experience no matter what age or background. Every year more and more people reach the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, each one of them carrying their personal story and motivation.

Centuries-old challenge in the fight against breast cancer

Over the years, pilgrimages started to transcend the pure religious significance. On the road, walkers, bikers and mountain bikers surpass themselves, looking back at key turning points in their life or closing chapter. Others want to focus on the special sporting challenge.
Participants should be 18 years or older and should bring a racing bike or sports bike (no mountain bikes or electrical bikes allowed).

Registration is valid as soon as your payment is completed

Once you finished the registration, you can choose to pay online or by bank transfer

• Online payment: your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically directed to the participants page
• Payment by bank transfer: use the structured communication that we will send you by email. Make sure to use the correct numbers, if not your payment will not be accepted and your registration will not be completed. As soon as we received the registration fee, your participants page will appear under the action page.

Cancellation policy

We appreciate you wanting to support breast cancer causes by participating in this unique sports event. Your registration will be valid after payment of the total registration fee. Please pay within maximum 3 weeks of the registration or it will be cancelled.

You can cancel your registration with a written notice only (e.g. by mail to
Think Pink is an independent non-profit organisation that wants to avoid under all circumstances that means other than registration fees need to be used to cover the costs of the event. Cancellation is subject to certain conditions:

• Cancellation more than 6 months before the start of the event: Think Pink will reimburse the full amount
• Cancellation between 6 and 3 months before the start of the event: Think Pink charges a cancellation cost of 30% of the registration fee for expenses incurred and will reimburse the remaining 70%.
• Cancellation between 3 months and 6 weeks before the start of the event: Think Pink charges a cancellation cost of 40% of the registration fee for expenses incurred and will reimburse the remaining 60%.
• Cancellation 6 weeks or less before the start of the event: Think Pink charges a cancellation cost of the total sum of the registration fee for expenses incurred and will therefore not make a refund.
• If you manage to find a replacement for the registration, the whole registration fee will be reimbursed. You need to take into account the order of the waiting list.
Collected funds will not be reimbursed, they will go entirely to the fund for breast cancer research.



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