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North C Walk

 16/03/2019 - 16/03/2019

Discover the Belgian coast and take part in the first ever North C Walk on 16 March 2019.
Hike 13 or 25 km, of which 90 % off road, and climb the highest dune of the country: the "Hoge Blekker".
Participate FOR FREE and gather at least € 100 funds.

92 Participants

€ 12832,60 Collected

What is the North C Walk?

A sportive challenge of 13 of 25 km along the Belgian coast, with depart and arrival in the beautiful Koksijde!
You will walk 90 % off road, through the woods and dunes, and on the beach.
The highest dune of Belgium of 33 m height is a part of the trail.
Start and finish on the sea wall at the E. Terlinkplein in Koksijde.
Resting points along the way are provided.


Saturday 16 March 2019

25 km --> 9 - 10 h: registration and free departure 25 km, arrival before 17 h
13 km --> 10 - 12 h: registration and free departure 13 km, arrival before 17 h

How to participate?

You can participate individually or as part of a team. Teams are formed from 2 people, with no limit of people per group. Team members can stay together, with no obligation. You can try to finish this sporting challenge together!

This year, it is possible to participate in the "North C Walk" and support, at the same time, Think Pink in the fight against breast cancer.

To make this happen you can register via our website. You do not have to pay a registration fee to participate at the event, we take care for you about everything. In return, you agree, as a participant, to collect at least 100 €. The funds will be paid directly to the SMART Fund. Through this Fund, Think Pink supports scientific research in screening, treatment and post-breast cancer care. You will receive a personal page on our website, lots of tips and you can also order Think Pink gadgets to sell and collect funds. You will also receive some cool pink accessories. The same day, you will be pampered in our stand !

Included in the price

* 100% unique and signposted route along the coast
* Cloakrooms and showers
* Check-point sites during the journey and at the arrival
* Unique Walk for Think Pink T-shirt free for all participants raising funds for Think Pink (T-shirt man and/or T-shirt women)
* Opportunity to buy an unique coolmax T-shirt « North C Walk » at €10 ( T-shirt man and/or T-shirt women)
* Medical assistance

-> Insurance included in the price.

If you would like more information, please send an e-mail to

Dare to challenge yourself with the SEASON PASS

Do you have a major passion for walking? Do you dare taking on all five Walking Series events in 2019? Then you are just the person for the SEASON PASS!

* Register for a SEASON PASS, which gives you the right to take part in all of the 5 Walking Series events in 2019.
* You can participate for free all 5 times if you raise at least € 500 funds for breast cancer research.
* You will receive an exclusive Think Pink hoodie to be prepared for every one of the five walking events.

Interested? Do not hesitate any longer, because the number of SEASON PASSES is limited. We only have 400 passes available!

Reserve your SEASON PASS here

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SEASONPASS- Anne-Constance Anna-Constance
€ 100
SEASONPASS- Hilde Bijnens
geert bossaert
€ 100
salvatore caruso
valérie caruso
SEASONPASS- Thijs De Lannoy
Maria Debaeke
€ 100
ria decorte
€ 100
Cecile Dermée
€ 100
SEASONPASS- Veerle Dirckx
Désirée Gashi
€ 255
Marleen Goemaere
€ 100
An Goossens
€ 100
Brigitte heirwegh
Michel Henvaux
SEASONPASS- Elodie Hermans
Anita Impanis
€ 100
colette lacrosse
€ 100
luc maeyaert
€ 100
SEASONPASS- Annick Marchal
SEASONPASS- Henri-Jean Moxhet
SEASONPASS- Wendy Ophalvens
SEASONPASS- Katia Peerboom
Crissy Perrera
€ 100
SEASONPASS- Leen Proesmans
Elisabeth Schuerwegen
€ 1010
SEASONPASS- Sofie Swaenepoel
ingrid tops
€ 100
Karel Van Dooren
€ 100
Frédérique Van Hollebeke
Cindy Van Zaelen
anne-marie Verly
De Dagtrippers
3 team members
€ 400
De Dutootjes
0 team members
€ 200
De vrolijke Miekes
2 team members
€ 200
6 team members
€ 1135
Het Convent
2 team members
€ 930
2 team members
€ 560
Ladies in Pink
3 team members
€ 300
Les Punks
6 team members
€ 600
nelles woman
6 team members
€ 1246
Pink Flamingo
2 team members
€ 200
Pink Mules
4 team members
€ 770
Pink Poppy's
4 team members
€ 400
Roses des sables
2 team members
€ 345
Team Pink Ten Parke
6 team members
€ 676,60
We gaan er weer voor!
3 team members
€ 1500
3 team members
€ 530
You never walk alone
2 team members
€ 250


Steven - Valérie & Jeff
Proficiat met dit mooie initiatief
€ 25