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Prevent breast cancer

Meeting on vaccination, diet and medication against breast cancer

In April 2017, Prof. Herman Depypere succeeded in finishing accrual of the most recent ECP chemopreventive study in young female BRCA1&2 carriers. The pivotal proof of concept was drawn up in 2014.

The idea of prof. José Russo, that an early full term pregnancy can prevent breast cancer, has therefore been translated into primary prevention after a preparation of almost 25 years. Both speakers will highlight the results of this key research based on complex biomolecular datasets and established intermediate risk markers. Other successful preventive trials have been carried out elsewhere and are ready for analysis.

Antiestrogens and medication for chronic diseases complete our medicinal approach to breast cancer prevention. But diet and physical activity is something every woman can practice herself. Newest data on individual risk reduction will be highlighted.

It is fair to say that science is on the edge of implementing vaccination, drugs and lifestyle into effective prevention of breast cancer.

The meeting aims at providing a comprehensive actual summary of significant initiatives in primary prevention and how this data is perceived by epidemiologists, researchers, clinicians, health care and population. The outcomes of this meeting will constitute the basis of further trial design and implementation efforts towards the entire population.

Mr. Geert Bourgeois, Minister-President of Flanders, accepted the patronage of this milestone meeting.

Prof. Jaak Ph. Janssens - President ECP

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