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 17/07/2015 News Think-Pink supports

Race for The Cure Brussels: run and walk for quality time in breast clinic HIS

The proceeds of Race for The Cure Brussels is donated the Breast Clinic Fund. This allows us to support local initiatives. This year part of the money will be invested in the Breast Clinic of the Hôpitaux Iris Sud (HIS).


Quality time during the patients' treatment

Physical well being before the operation

Nowadays there exists a broad range of chemo and other treatments for people suffering from cancer. However, many survivors experience a need for different care. Shortly before an operation, they experience stress, fear and feel very insecure. This has a major impact on the body. We want to install a reserved space in breast clinics that allows these people to ‘cocoon’ just before their operation. It makes their being in the hospital more bearable. During the cocooning, they might enjoy a professional massage. This concept has been tested several times and the results turned out to be a 100% positive. The patients experienced less pain, felt calmer and at ease. We want every patient to be able to enjoy this quality time before the operation.

Psychic well being for the patient

Most patients express the need for exchanging experiences. They appreciate it if they can talk in the waiting room, or in the space where other patients gather while awaiting their chemo. They talk about cancer, the consequences, the difficulties and how these things affect their lives. We want to facilitate these discussions in a quiet and serene place. This should be a room where patients share experiences in a natural way, possibly in the company of a doctor or assistant who’s ‘guarding’ the bigger framework. Ideally we’re talking about a reserved space, to be opened up on a trimestrial basis. Patients can exchange their thoughts after having seen a documentary on breast reconstruction or breast protheses. Subjects like physical care or new treatments for breast cancer might also be listed.