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Dennis 'Norseman' collects € 10,500 for Think-Pink

The Iskar Norseman Xtreme Triathlon is a triathlon with participants from all over the world in which they face the ultimate challenge. Endurance, sportsmanship and friendly competition are the central elements against the backdrop of the most fantastic landscapes of Norway. Each "hard core" triathlete must have done at least once: 3.8 km of swimming in a fjord (water temperature: 13 ° C), 180 km of cycling through the hilly Norwegian landscape and 42 km run. The last 17.8 km from the race course go straight up to 1850 meters altitude. The finish is on the rocky summit of Gaustatoppen on 1.850m. For safety reasons, only 160 of the 250 athletes are allowed on the top. The trophy a black T-shirt. Dennis Ruts also managed to get his copy, with the Boechout Norseman Triathlon Team. The team was founded in November 2014, after Dennis Ruts got a ticket for the 1st of August 2015 to participate in the Norseman Triathlon in Norway. With the preparation and the participation in the Norseman Triathlon the team wanted draw attention to the fight against breast cancer. They did not chose this goal by chance: the disease struck two team members at a young age. One of them lost his mother to breast cancer, the other concerned mother was diagnosed in November 2012. After nine months of intensive preparation Dennis and his team finished 63th on the 1st of August at the Norseman Triathlon: a true performance! We would like to sincerely thank and congratulate Dennis and his entire team on behalf of all fellow peers and the Think-Pink team. With this stunt they raised a whopping € 10,500 for Think-Pink. To give you an insight we let you enjoy the final kilometres shared by Dennis on their fantastic challenge:

"After 1h05 we arrived at the 32.5 km point. This is the point where you decide whether you go white or black. ARE YOU OK? Yeah I feel great. We walk to 37,5km and where Fré and Inger are waiting for us. I quickly put on some long pants as the temperature strongly decreased. Backpack on the back and gogo. Quick check at the gate of my Walhalla. The Gaustatoppen. Philip increased the paste. I was gasping for breath. It turned out later that he wanted to take a photo. I recovered quickly from the sprint. I had some energy and tried to keep the pace. Philip had a lesser moment needed to change the role. I blame hunger . They spent all their energy on providing me with food that they had forgotten themselves. Fré bravely kept up and followed me uphill. Brick by brick. The tourists pushed us up to the top. There were the redeeming steps of the finish. I did it? Seriously? There I am, arms high in the air. " "I'm a Norseman. Nine months of hard work. What a thrill. I l take a look at the clock. 12u53.You are number 73. Later it turned out to be the No. 63. Either to bedazzled to realize it or the Norwegians English was not great. I bet on the latter. I look around me and I see especially athletes who have gone done deep. I however, I feel fit as a fiddle. The soup tastes great. I dress a bit warmer and Philip arrives.He carries my gift. A Duveltje. Thx guys, I try it but for once it does not taste good to me. The support team starts to descend while I use the cable car. " "The aim was to finish the Norseman successfully. And if possible, to get a black t-shirt. Check and check again. 63rd wow. But have I perhaps retained myself too much in the ascent from km 32.5? Something to think about..." Finally I would like to thank everyone. My support Fré, Philip and Inger. Merci for the ‘’gellekes’’, buses and bars. All the sponsors who have supported our project Norseman for Think-Pink. WeCare to keep me steady and injury free. Edwin and Katrien for my room at the start. The room that sexplodes seemed . Pharmacy De Lindeboom to provide me with sports drinks and bars. Coach Nico to let me peak at the right time. And, all friends and acquaintances to whom have listened to my nagging for 9 MONTHS. If I've forgotten someone: I apologize. I'm only human. But one with a black shirt, now. Best regards, Dennis 'Norseman' Ruts