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 01/08/2017 News Breastcancer

Celebrating 10 years Think-Pink HEROES in the Ancienne Belgique

The nonprofit organisation Think-Pink turns 10 on September 21st 2017. 10 years of fighting against breast cancer, for and thanks to countless HEROES. That’s why they take central stage on our anniversary. We’ll celebrate at the AB concert hall in Brussels, along with the female choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers, musician Koen Buyse and DJ Regi. Are you or do you know a HERO? Invite her or him for a celebration to remember.

Who are those HEROES? A survivor affected by breast cancer. Her beloved, children, siblings, parents and grandparents. The neighbours who help out, mow the lawn, prepare a meal, drop by to ask how you're doing. Colleagues who check in on you to let you know that you’re not on your own. The maintenance and kitchen staff at the hospital.

Every doctor, nurse, physical therapist, technician, psychologist and social worker at the Breast Clinic. Every Think-Pink participant who collects funds for scientific research. Everyone who donates his or her hair for the Great Lengths Fund. Every researcher conducting research for better healing chances and a better quality of life for survivors. They are our HEROES.

HEROES in the spotlight

In their own way, they are survivors or they stand by them. And we truly admire them. That’s why we’d like to invite 2,000 HEROES to a night to remember in the AB concert hall in Brussels, where they’ll be welcome as of 19.30 h

As soon as we’ve received and processed your payment, you’ll receive an AB concert hall ticket code by e-mail. If you introduce it in the AB tickets website, you’ll receive an entrance ticket free of charge. Print that ticket and take it with you to the AB concert hall on 21 September, or save it on your smartphone!

Impressive video starring HEROES

To announce the celebration in the AB concert hall and its 10th birthday, Think-Pink decided to honour all HEROES by having them starring in an impressive videoclip, to the tones of the eponymous song by Scala & Kolacny Brothers. The clip was recorded in the HIS-hospital in Brussels, featuring real HEROES and their story.

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