Race for the Cure

29 September 2019 is the Race for the Cure day in Belgium. Brussels, Antwerp and Namur welcome ten thousands of people at the same moment, to show solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

Register individually

Registering individually costs € 15. For children under 10 years old participation is free. Each paying participant receives a T-shirt. You can collect your T-shirt on the day of the Race at the registration desk. Do you want to register right now? Good to know: those registering beforehand, gain time at the registration desk. But it's also possible to register on the day of the race for € 17.50!

Stronger together: participate as a team at the Race for the Cure

Would you like to motivate friends, family, neighbors or colleagues to participate together? And gathering at least 10 team members is a piece of cake for you? Then register as a Team Captain! You choose a dazzling team name, and afterwards you motivate everybody around you to join your team. To participate as a team is extra advantageous, because you only pay € 12 to participate. Your T-shirts will be available in one package at the registration desk, which saves you time. And for teams of 50 people or more we provide a tent or space you can manage and which will become your operating base during the Race for the Cure®.

How to recruit team members:

  • Ask for our flyers and posters and distribute them massively in your network.
  • Send a motivation mail or letter to all the people you know. We can provide you all too gladly with some examples!
  • Invite one of our collaborators to explain the Race for the Cure® to your company or organisation through

As soon as you've created your team, team members can join your team through a team code. You only have to send a mail with the team code to anyone who would like to participate. It's also possible to add team members yourself. Ask for our manual for detailed instructions.

As soon as your team is completed, you transfer the entire registration fee to Think Pink.

I register as Team Captain

I register as Team Captain for the Race for the Cure Brussels (October 6 2019).

Would you love to join a team? Did the Team Captain give you her/his Team Code? Then it is time to register! Click on the buttons below and join your team for the Race for the Cure. 

I would like to join a team

I would like to join a team for the Race for the Cure Brussels (October 6 2019).

Become a volunteer

Any help will be appreciated. Sounds like your cup of tea? Then don't hesitate to fill out the volunteer form.