Heidi Vansevenant

Think Pink grew out of my own experiences as a cancer patient. In September 2000 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The tumour was removed but the metastases in the lymphatic vessels are still there. I decided to use my strength and energy to do something for fellow cancer survivors. With the financial support of Samsung Mobile, the non-profit organisation Think Pink saw the daylight on 21 September 2007. Through the years I could develop the organisation as a positive prevention campaign with a clear message: don’t give breast cancer a chance. It is our aim to offer people support during a difficult period in their lives. I know that being ill is hard. Even when you are cured of the disease, issues related to it keep lingering in your mind. However, life with the disease and afterwards is possible. For me, that life is called Think Pink. This is my way of giving breast cancer survivors the courage they need to keep going.

Tiffany Bulteau

Because everyone knows someone who has or has had breast cancer, it is an honor for me to commit myself daily to the fight against breast cancer. Through my expertise, I want to organise events such as the Race for the Cure that raise awareness about breast cancer. My goal: to turn the negative of the disease into a positive story. I want to support and inform fellow-sufferers and also point out to other women the importance of breast awareness and screening. That way, together, we don't give breast cancer a chance!

Sandrine Debroux

Every single one of us has a source of energy ready to be tapped into for the right projects and realizations. To me personally, and because I’ve been confronted with several sad stories in my own life, it became clear that I have to give it all I have for those who are having a hard time. Informing, raising awareness, organising events, committing myself to giving courage, hope and strength to survivors and their families: that is my new mission! Now more than ever, I believe in it for each and every one of you.

Maité Carlier

Everyone has a personal story. I also have a special reason why I wanted to work at Think Pink. Last summer, I was introduced to the organisation as a student. From February onwards, I got a lot of great opportunities during my internship at Think Pink and, since mid-June, I have been working here as a marketing assistant. Being able to dedicate myself to a good cause every day and feeling that I'm making a difference gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I hope the breast cancer campaign will grow every year. I’m completely absorbed in every project and contributing feels good. It's just a little bit different from an average job. There is a positive atmosphere at Think Pink and we work hard with a lot of passion. Together, let’s fight against breast cancer!

Febe Vandamme

I feel honored to work for an organization as Think Pink. It’s fantastic to dedicate my capacities daily in easing the struggle of women with breast cancer. I try to make people susceptible, to inform and to support them through accurate information and a positive input. It’s also a great pleasure to put my back into the “Geef om Haar” project of Think Pink.

Géraldine Bonnevie

Sabine Devolder

Under the motto 'standing still is going backwards' I was introduced to Think Pink and I found that we shared the same vision. Think Pink is a dynamic organisation that represents an ideal shared by many people. Hard work is being done on finding solutions. The success of any organisation depends to a large extent on the motivation and commitment of the people who work there and work for it on a daily basis. And motivation and commitment are more than good at Think Pink.

Randal Vandewynckele

Anca Vanpeborgh

Inès Moray

Paulien Gekiere

Rosalie Schallon

Stéphanie Boydens

Veerle Standaert

Veerle Vandeveire