Product info

In collaboration with Think Pink Europe, Think Pink Belgium is now selling cloth masks to protect you and your loved ones against the corona virus. One mask costs 2.49 euros (VAT included). The profits go to Think Pink Belgium and the fight against breast cancer.

Technical info

  • can be washed up to 50 times using soap or in your washing machine at 60 °C
  • with possibility to add a filter
  • wash before first use
  • white masks: 100 % cotton
  • coloured masks: inner layer 100 % cotton - outer layer micropolyester


As a precautionary measure, the separately packaged filters are no longer included. To date, it has not yet been proven that filters containing silver ions are harmful to health, but we believe it is important not to take any risks. If you don't have filters at home, you can get them from your pharmacist. Your health is our main concern! #staysafe

Table of sizes

  • PLEASE NOTE: this model has a large fit!
  • S (packaging = KIDS) for children/women with a narrow face
  • M (packaging = WOMEN) for women with a larger face/men with a narrow face
  • L (packaging = MEN) for men with a larger face



  • length of the ear loops = 5 cm
  • length (nose-chin) = 12 cm
  • length sides = 4 cm
  • width = 21 cm


  • length of the ear loops = 7 cm
  • length (nose-chin) = 13 cm
  • length sides = 5 cm
  • width = 21 cm


  • length of the ear loops = 8 cm
  • lengte (nose-chin) = 15 cm
  • lengte sides = 5 cm
  • width = 22.5 cm

*photo may differ slightly from the final product

Good to know! You should wash your mask after every use. It can, therefore, be useful to order multiple masks per person, in case one or more masks are in the wash.