IWAS developed a set of two personalized Think Pink drinking glasses in collaboration with Think Pink. These unique drinking glasses are made from upcycled bottles.

The drinking glasses are handmade and 100% upcycled. As a result, your product may differ in color and from the image on the website due to its upcycled raw materials. Every IWAS product is unique.

Product description
  • Content: 350 ml
  • The glasses are sold per set of two
  • Think Pink logo at the bottom
About IWAS

Upcycling specialist IWAS gives unwanted items like glass bottles a new lease on life. The difference between upcycling and recycling? We creatively repurpose old materials like glass bottles, tyres and coffee bags, preserving their unique, original characteristics, simply by adding craftmanship and clever design. Recycling is an energy-intensive process in which products are broken down to their raw materials to be used as resources.

All of our products are hand-made with love by local artisans in India and Indonesia. We give back to the community by providing durable employment and by valuing the work of local communities. Each of our upcycling partners is part of a bigger story.

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