Frequently asked questions about our comfort masks

How can I place an order?

For orders of less than 1,000 items

Go to our webshop.

For orders of 1,000 items and more

Please contact Serge Vandriessche at serge@think-pink.be or at +32 478 60 39 01.

Read all about orders of 1,000 items and more here.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is maximum 7 working days . For the Smurfs masks, this is 10 working days. Your package will be delivered by Bpost.

How can I pay?

You can pay using Bancontact and credit card. Payments by bank transfer are not possible.


I placed an order, but haven’t received an e-mail confirming my order. How is this possible?

Due to the large amount of traffic on our webshop, it can take several hours or even several days before you receive a confirmation e-mail. Don’t forget to check your spam folder, because the e-mail sometimes ends up there.

Can I cancel my order or send it back?

For logistical reasons, we can no longer cancel your order at this time. Upon reception of your order, you can return it. You will find all the necessary information here.

Attention! For hygienic reasons, only unopened packaging can be returned.

Can I add an extra order of masks to an order for which I have already paid so as to avoid extra shipping costs?

No, for logistical reasons this is not possible. 

There is a mistake in the order I have received. What now?

Send an e-mail to office@think-pink.be and describe what went wrong. We will gladly help you out.

Can I order a mix of 10 masks in different sizes and colours?

No, for logistical reasons it is only possible to order a pack of 10 identical masks or a family pack (4 x S, 3 x M and 3 x L).

What size should I choose?

We sell different kinds of masks. Please consult the product info in our webshop. 

My mask does not fit well and is slightly too big. What now?

Try tying a small knot in the elastic loops of your mask or connect both loops behind the head using a small piece of thread.

At what temperature should I wash the masks?

Our masks should be washed at 60 °C, the temperature at which the virus should be inactivated. Research shows that the virus becomes inactive after 30 minutes in an environment of 56 °C. If you really want to be 100 % sure, you can follow the tips underneath: 
- Iron the masks with a steam iron, this generates a temperature high enough to neutralise possible viruses.
- Don’t use the masks for 3 days, the lifespan of the virus. 
- Wash your masks by hand and immerse them in a pot of boiling water.

Can I wash the filters together with the comfort masks?

Yes, you can wash them at 60 °C. We do recommend you to put your filters and comfort masks in a separate laundry bag.

How can I extend the life of my comfort masks?

Wash your comfort masks at 30 °C and keep them in your closet for about 3 days before using them again.

Can the central layer withstand high temperature washing?

We recommend washing the masks at a temperature of 60 ° C. At a higher temperature, the product cannot be guaranteed to withstand 50 washes.

Are these masks in accordance with the government’s regulations?

There are no official regulations face masks for personal use. Our masks are no surgical mouth masks like those used in healthcare. They are not standardised like the FFP2 / FFP3 masks. Our masks are based on what specialists indicate is important when making (reusable) cloth face masks. The masks are not suitable for medical staff, but for the general population. It is not necessary to add an extra filter. The mask already contains an antibacterial filter based on silver ions.

More information on cloth masks for personal use
Is it possible to add an extra filter?

All masks have room for a filter. We work together with different producers. If you haven't received a filter with your mouth mask, do not worry. Your mouth mask has a filtering intermediate layer. An extra filter is,therefore, not necessary.

What FFP standard do the masks meet?

Our masks are no surgical face masks like those used in healthcare. They are not standardised like the FFP2 / FFP3 masks. Our masks are based on what specialists indicate is important when making reusable cloth masks. The masks are not suitable for medical staff, but for the general population.

Is there a piece of metal in the mask to minimise the space around the nose and are the earloops adjustable?

Yes, this is the case for our premium comfort masks and Smurfs masks.

How are the masks packed?

They are individually packed.

Does the packaging happen in a sterile environment?


Can I have an order delivered abroad?

No, this is not possible.


The basic measures to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus remain extremely important. Please respect them, even wearing your mask.

Stay at home, especially if you are sick.
Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
Keep enough distance (1.5 metres) when outdoors.
Watch out for those most at risk, i.e. people over 65 years of age, people with diabetes, heart, lung or kidney disease, and people with weakened immune systems, among others.