Discover the Think Pink box, a breast cancer first aid kit

On this 8th of March, International Women's Day, we are happy to announce the launch of our very own Think Pink Box for survivors, a concept our team has been working on for years. Every person who is diagnosed with breast cancer in an accredited breast clinic in our country will receive one for free. The Think Pink Box bundles all useful, practical and medical information about breast cancer and offers survivors support and guidance during one of the most difficult moments in their lives.

The Think Pink Box is a concept that our team has been working on for years. For the launch, we chose International Women's Day because, in our country, 1 woman in 9 is still affected by breast cancer. On this symbolic day, we want to dwell on that figure and show that our organisation will continue to fight against breast cancer. As a national breast cancer organisation, we find it extremely important to continue to raise awareness about screening. Early diagnosis means early treatment, often less complex treatments and better chances of survival. 

The Think Pink Box offers support and guidance at the moment of diagnosis

The moment when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer is an emotionally charged moment. Preparing for this conversation is difficult and it is almost impossible to think about the questions you want to ask. Yet, when you have just been diagnosed, you suddenly have a lot of questions about the disease, the treatment and the chances of recovery. Looking for answers to those questions can take a lot of time and energy at that time. In our box, we bundle as much useful, practical and medical information about breast cancer as possible: the Think Pink book, information about financial support, support groups, exercise and aftercare projects and much more. We hope that survivors will find an answer to their many questions in this box, that they will no longer have to search for information themselves and that the box will save them valuable time and energy.

A gift in all accredited breast clinics in Belgium

We want our information to reach as many survivors as possible, from the start of their trajectory. That is why we give a Think Pink Box to every person who is diagnosed in an accredited breast clinic in Belgium. Our collaboration with the accredited breast clinics is very important to us. Breast cancer is a complex disease that requires specialised care and you are guaranteed to receive that specialised care in an accredited breast clinic. A breast clinic is a specialised department or care programme for breast conditions in the hospital. To be recognised by the government, the department must meet a number of quality standards: multidisciplinary collaboration, weekly consultation with at least one surgeon, oncologist, gynaecologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, breast nurse and oncopsychologist, team members who have sufficient experience and are sufficiently available, a minimum number of patients per year and a quick consultation. But the infrastructure, equipment and laboratories must also meet certain quality requirements.

A specialised breast clinic increases your chances of recovery and survival and improves your quality of life. But how do you know which hospitals have an accredited breast clinic? That is not easy, because some call themselves a breast clinic while, in reality, they are not. That is why we have made an overview map of all accredited breast clinics.

Consult the overview map
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