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Bike for Think-Pink Challenge 2017

 24/05/2017 - 28/05/2017

A 4-day bike tour through East and West Flanders
100 km / day
Start and finish in Geraardsbergen
Overnight stay in group accommodations on 4 different locations
Fundraising: min. € 750 – Accommodation: € 295 (all-in)
Ladies only

53 Participants

€ 11151,18 Collected


Join us in taking on this challenge! All participants cycle on the Flemish roads during 4 days, which totals in 400 km of cycling-fun for Think-Pink. You’ll be cycling with your own bike at your preferred pace and at your own strength. Besides cycling everything else will be organised for you: from breakfast to animation in the evenings. Making this an event to remember. Only women can partake in the Bike for Think-Pink Challenge 2017.

Participating in the Bike Challenge costs € 295. In return for this amount during these 4 days Think-Pink offers you a cycling outfit, a practical cycling guide, training schedules, sport massages, bike repair, food supplies, lodging, catering and a relaxing activity after every ride. On Sunday family and friends are invited to the closing celebration at the finish. Every participant is committed to cycling throughout the four days and to collecting a minimum amount of € 750. Thanks to the support of our main partners, temporary partners and volunteers the money raised will be donated to the SMART Fund which finances scientific research concerning breast cancer.


From Wednesday 24th May until Sunday 28th of May 2017.
Time of registration: Wednesday 24th May between 4 pm – 7 pm.
Finish/closing celebration: Sunday 28th May around 5pm.


Via fixed cycling routes ( we’ll discover the most beautiful places of East and West Flanders.
The start and finish are in Geraardsbergen (youth hostel ‘t Schipken) where family and friends are welcome. On Sunday afternoon during the closing celebration participants, friends, family and sponsors are invited to join us in Domein De Gavers in Geraardsbergen.

Practical information:

Overnight accommodation

We will stay in 4 different group accommodations in Flanders.


1. Breakfast
We provide breakfast on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
2. Lunch
On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday a light lunch will be provided. Tasty vegetables, charcuterie, cheese, bread and fruit will give you the energy to keep on going.
3. Snack
From 4 pm we like to spoil you with a tasty and original snack.
4. Dinner
We provide dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
During one of these days you will be treated with a cosy barbecue.

(Whilst cycling you won’t have to be hungry either. We provide high energy snacks and sports drinks.)


These 5 days aren’t just about cycling, together we’ll make this an unforgettable experience. Here’s just a few things you can expect:
- Thursday 25th May: speeddating
- Saturday 27th May: Think-Pink Party
- Sunday 28th May: closing celebration

We’ll take great care of you

On Friday evening it will be our pleasure to provide you with a freshly washed cycling outfit for the last two days.
The Bikewash will make sure that you’re ready for the road with a clean bike.
Trouble during your journey? No problem, the Think-Pink bike-fixer is on his way.
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will spoil you with a well-deserved sport massage.
Think-Pink provides insurance for physical injuries.
We’d love to help you with your training and fundraising.
You can partake with a racing bike or women’s bike. Electric bikes are not permitted.
Supporters are welcome at the start and finish in Geraardsbergen. Unfortunately, during the event supporters are not allowed.



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Sponsor a participant

Sponsor a participant by clicking on their name in the list below. You will be guided through the necessary steps.
Kelly Aelbrecht
€ 30
Sevilay Altintas
€ 590
Carine Beelen
€ 120
Ellen Bonne
€ 216
Greet Claes
€ 100
ryckmans cynthia
€ 784
Ilse De Croock
€ 286
Elke De Croock
€ 236
Ann De Muer
€ 140
Erika De Roeck
€ 590
Petra De Wulf
€ 176
Sofie Deceuninck
Mariska Delheye
€ 50
Martine Deprez
€ 40
Chantal Desmadryl
Barbara Dewulf
€ 190
Giuliana Gilbert
€ 80
Melissa Gillisjans
€ 1005
Marleen Hoebus
Brenda Kempener
€ 690
Annik Kimpe
€ 375
nathalie lannoo
Catherine Loneux
€ 40
Veronique Mermans
Cornelia Muyshondt
inge neven
€ 250
Viviane Peulen
€ 375
Sandra Racano
Marika Rasschaert
Els Ronsyn
leen rooms
Mady Rooseleers
Els Saman
€ 750
Ann Seynaeve
€ 500
Ase Siongers
€ 245
Anja Stassart
Manuela THUNUS
Claudia Van de Velde
Liesje Van Liefferinge
Caroline Van Praet
€ 200
Viviana vandekerckhove
€ 220
Anda Vandendriessche
€ 451
Ann Vanderschaeghe
Mieke Vangreveling
€ 40
Hilde Vanhove
€ 35
Heidi Vansevenant
€ 150
kerensa verhaeghe
Huguette Vermeersch
€ 320
Gerda Vissers
€ 905
Hilde Werbrouck
€ 262,18
Caroline Willecomme
€ 270
Lies Wuyts
€ 440